Monday, December 24, 2012

Another Christmas

Monday December 24, 8:22 p.m.

Well, in less than 4 hours, Christmas will arrive in the Eastern Standard Time zone. Christmas Eve is firmly esconced into the Toronto firmament with the the cars having cleared out of the parking lots and Lance Brown of CTV having done his annual singing of the sports report. And we can truly thank the heavens that it is only an annual event.

Did my last-minute Xmas shopping this morning at the nearby Bay. As I was walking over, the parking lots certainly looked a whole lot fuller than usual, but the department store itself wasn't all that bad in terms of shopping. I got the presents for my parents. I was talking with one cashier, and he told me that the real panicked customers don't come in til about 2:00, and then it's open season until the closing time of 6 p.m.

Had the first of what will probably be three get-togethers over the Holidays. Yesterday, I met up with some old friends from Japan so a number of us oldtimers from U of T got together at Spring Villa up in Markham for a round of dim fact, it was probably one of the largest amounts of dim sum I've had in a long time. Boxing Day could be a get-together with a bunch of the Anime Court. I've still gotta get confirmation from the Anime Bishop about whether we will head over to Kinton for some ramen. One other member of the Court asked about dinner that night....I'm all for it. As for the King himself, he is now en route to Japan for his month's holiday in Asia. He gave me a call last night for one more chat before the big trip. Finally, on January 5th, there will be a belated New Year's party of sorts at another friend's place. Ah, did forget about one more gig on New Year's Eve for an afternoon; can't really do the nights anymore. I prefer to just stay home and watch all of the craziness on television.

Of course, tomorrow will be the usual dinner at my brother's. I've got everything wrapped up and ready to do. And I'm gonna enjoy a totally relaxing day.