Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nice Quiet Christmas

Squirrels would have had a difficult time getting run over
Wednesday December 26, 8:29 p.m.

As usual, December 25 was as quiet as church mice. I took a walk for an hour outside in my neighbourhood. There was traffic but it was quite subdued, and there were patches in which I could've easily imagined I'd stepped into a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie....with very well-preserved buildings.

 It certainly says a lot about how special Xmas is when even the neighbourhood Tim Hortons is closed for the day. No double-doubles, no Timbits, no double-glazed donuts. There was indeed a hush throughout the world yesterday.

Dinner at my brother's last night indeed included the big bird with all the trimmings, including potatoes and stuffing.

But there was a Japanese component in it in the form of inari sushi. Gotta have the inari in a Japanese-Canadian Xmas dinner, doncha know?

And for dessert, there was Buche de Noel, otherwise known as the Xmas log roll cake. In Japan, it's known as the former, and has a near-fanatical following there for some reason. An Amazon Forest's worth of these logs are sold every year there, and there are cooking shows galore on TV which present how these confections are created. Of course, most viewers just like to watch it out of some vicarious thrill; most just race out and get it at the closest patisserie. Probably this, the German stollen, and the Fujiya Strawberry Shortcake are the Big 3 in terms of Xmas desserts in Japan.