Monday, December 10, 2012

Darwin The IKEA Monkey

Well, I guess Toronto is getting its 15 minutes in the spotlight this week with Darwin the IKEA monkey on his odyssey  in the parking lot and the famous store. I don't think I've seen that many YouTube videos on a particular simian uploaded within a 24-hour period. And it was the IKEA that my family got their furniture from last year. At least he was dressed like a proper Torontonian. And he now has fame, comfort and proper care. Can't say that about the owner....he's lost his monkey, $240 and perhaps some pride although his name hasn't been released...yet.

My day yesterday was far more mundane. Just had the family outing at a nearby Kelsey's with only a brief but intense sleeting outside the only exciting event of the day. Mind you, trying to drive home in that sort of weather had its own uninvited excitement.