Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fish & Chip Guy

Saturday April 14, 4:54 p.m.

Pretty nice start to the weekend. Cloudy, cool but not rainy. It would be the usual day for me to just cocoon, but I actually went down to The Olde York on Laird, south of Eglinton to meet up with my old friend, Chip Guy (I was using code names for my students and friends back in my former blog...a custom that I will continue to use for most of them) and most of his family. I hadn't seen them in about a year since we couldn't get together over the Holidays.

Both CG and his wife have been very busy. CG has his new job and new house in Oakville while his wife is busy taking care of the household and kids while starting her own side project. Hectic but nice situation to be in. We had a good talk on blogging and any new financial opportunities connected with them...something that we couldn't imagine as recently as a decade ago. His wife also  informed me of some local Japanese-Canadian media which could be interesting in terms of my music blog. So, I connected with their Twitter feeds.

The Olde York will probably be the fish n' chip place that I would recommend any visitors to try. It's a place with a pub-like atmosphere but without the flatpanel televisions to distract anyone from the food and drink. As well, it's located in an industrial/commercial nexus about 10 minutes walk south of the Eglinton/Laird bus stop, so a bit unusual, but the fare there is such that people don't care...if they make the f n' c, they will come. Heck, CG and his clan came all the way in from Oakville!

I got there about 20 minutes early, but the staff were very welcoming and I got to drink a Coke and read "Russia House" until CG and the family arrived. I had the creamy Clam Chowder...almost a meal in itself. But I did order my Cod and Chips; there was also the Scottish Meat Pie but it'll be awfully hard for me to switch from the dish du guerre. Good stuff but I was a tad disappointed that I only got one fish (albeit it was quite a big piece) since I remember getting two pieces when I had gone there with The Anime Court a year ago, but I guess economics determined that decision. However, getting the Apple Crisp A La Mode stuffed me up very well. CG went for the Deep-Fried Mars Bar....good golly, I'm a foodie but even I have to take pause at this trend.

The two hours sped by very quickly through our talk. Fastest 2 hours and 15 minutes I've ever experienced.

Did find out from CG what film they were making down on Elizabeth St. the other day. It's supposed to be a Robert Rodriguez action film called "Pacific Rim". No idea on the casting but just knowing the director is a good sign for me.