Friday, May 11, 2012

Bee Visitation

Friday May 11, 11:47 a.m.

It looks like the now-reduced group of my Beehive students should be OK with the revised accommodations. The 24th and the 26th will be my two days with them. Mrs. Alp and Mrs. Perth are actually the two students who couldn't make it on the first trip here about 4 years ago, but they will be representing my old circle when they arrive in a couple of weeks. They're planning to stay at that hotel right at Pearson. I'll be heading over there but through a much less expensive means. When I went over to see Mrs. Tulip at her Mississauga home a couple of months ago, I had to take the GO bus from Union which cost about $10 round-trip along with the two TTC tokens. This time, it'll be just those two tokens since I can use the Airport Rocket from Kipling Station straight to Terminal 3 where the hotel is.

The plan for that first day will be heading out for yum cha. Should be interesting since most yum cha places in Japan are more staid and limited in dish variety. Our restaurants are much more rock n' roll. Alp and Perth have asked to see a whole bunch of places on the 26th....obviously, can't cover everything, but I think the two markets, St. Lawrence and Kensington, plus Greektown are doable.