Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Social Calendar

Thursday May 3, 9:24 p.m.

Met up with The Egg and The Wild Guy for our occasional lunch up near where The Wild Guy works...around the North York Centre. We ended up going to a Korean restaurant where I was able to have some bibimpap. Nice and filling but could've used a bit more kick in the spice department. I gave them my souvenirs from the cruise....a simple pen and notebook set with a picture of The Oasis of the Seas on the cover.

Looks like The Egg and his missus will be heading to Vancouver later in the summer while The Wild Guy and his family may be heading to Japan for a bit of a vacation. The Egg, being one of the bigwigs for Cineplex will be having a big weekend since "The Avengers"will finally be hitting the screens from tonight. This is actually a superhero flick that has very good buzz. Even with "The Dark Knight Rises"coming out in July, The Egg says that "The Avengers"may be the one to beat in the blockbuster sweepstakes. That's even considering that "Iron Man 2", "Thor" and "The Hulk" movies didn't exactly inspire too many people.

I figure I will be meeting Shard sometime in the next couple of weeks. But the big thing will be near the end of the month when my former students of The Beehive will be visiting Toronto for a few days. They wanna try out The St. Lawrence Market. I could tell them that it has just been named as The Best Market in the World, but I would be overheightening their expectations. I mean, I don't know why St. Lawrence was given that label when other markets in places like New York, London, Chicago and even Toronto's Kensington Market could probably beat it in terms of variety and excitement.

I spoke with The Anime King a couple of nights ago. He's rarin' to go see "The Avengers" although we're going to try and avoid the masses when it first comes out. Most likely, it'll be more in the middle of the month. Of course, there will be a foodie outing involved as well.