Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oasis of the Seas Part 4 -- Facilities

Ship's Library on Deck 11
Thursday May 3, 9:10 p.m.

Something as big as The Oasis of the Seas needs to have plenty of things to do to keep the passengers occupied for a week. One can't live on bread (roast duck, weiner schnitzel, mashed potatoes, tiramisu, etc.) alone. Of course, there was the gym (which I avoided like the plague), the spa (which I couldn't afford) and Internet (which was selling for a hefty 65 cents per minute!).

Instead, I enjoyed a few hours over the week at the Ship's Library on Deck 11. It's just one small room in the aft lobby but as you can see here, it looks very amenable and it's air-conditioned, since we can't have those pages warping in the humidity, can we? It wasn't very busy in the days that we were in port, but once we out in the open sea, most the chairs were occupied.

 The one place that I had wanted to try out but couldn't since none of my family were particularly into the drink was The Rising Tide. It happens to be the jewel in the crown of drinking establishments onboard since it can rise and lower from Decks 5 to 8. However, a lot of the passengers took advantage of the opportunity. Well, perhaps next time. No reports on whether anyone got motion sickness.