Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just A....Matter of Time

courtesy of [puamelia]
of Flickr
Tuesday May 15, 12:21 p.m.

Well, got the news that "CSI: Miami"finally got the yank by CBS today....along with a number of other shows....a couple of which I knew had The Kiss of Death on them.

No more Horatio Caine, no more sunglasses-flipping, no more  mid-sentence-pausing pithy witticisms...and no more Calleigh Duquesne (darn!). Plus no more screaming intro theme song! Where am I going to get my "YEARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!"now?

Not that I'm feeling too sorry for the show since it got a good decade in (although there may be some resentment from the "Miami"cast that their brothers and sisters in Las Vegas and New York are gonna be going ahead as usual). Plus, David Caruso is now immortalized along with Jack Webb from "Dragnet" and Jack Lord from the first "Hawaii Five-O"as a TV cop that viewers love and trust. Noone will ever really associate him with his time as another cop on "NYPD Blue". Caruso can now retire happily, knowing that he can open shopping malls and car dealerships by just cocking his redhead and rasping out, "Come here and steal....a bargain of the century." And since William Shatner is now out of Priceline...

I read that "Alcatraz"and "Missing"are gone, too. Not surprising....I saw the first few episodes of the former and just found it a little too clone-ish with "The X-Files" and "Lost", and the story arc was simply not all that compelling. As for "Missing", it never hooked me.