Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cha Time

Sunday May 20, 12:05 p.m.

After the somewhat mixed experience at Don Don on Friday, Sam and I literally hopped over next door for a bit of tea at a place called Cha Time.

Sam was far more satisfied with his small drink than with his entire lunch. I had the really sweet Pearl Tea for $4.20. That's the one with the jelly balls down at the bottom of the cup, aka Bubble Tea.

Pearl Tea has settled down from its initial fame to become part of the regular Toronto culinary landscape which is great. There's no more hype surrounding it and I can get it pretty easily without having to search high and low for a spot that sells it.

The drink was introduced over a decade ago in Tokyo, but it never really caught fire over there for some reason. I remember going to one of the "To The Herbs" (a pasta chain) branches in Ichigaya for lunch, and I just happened to see the new campaign for bubble tea. The drink must've been very new since after I'd ordered it, I had my waitress and even the manager come up to me and ask how it was. I enjoyed it, but apparently not enough of the Japanese did. I'm sure that a few places in the Chinatowns of Yokohama and Kobe probably sell it, but I think Bubble Tea in Japan is one of those noble failures.

Something written on the wall at Cha Time. Probably the largest fortune cookie message I've ever seen at a restaurant in Chinatown.