Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lucasfilm & Disney

courtesy of DarkJediKnight
from Flickr
Thursday November 8, 9:57 p.m.

Tried to think of a witty and punny heading for this entry, but couldn't, so I settled for just the direct if boring title.

Yup, I heard about what happened. Mickey Mouse bought out that whole galaxy far far away with its droids, Jedi and Sith. In all likelihood, the gang on "The Big Bang Theory"is probably having a very heated discussion over their Chinese takeout. And geeks are either dancing in their basements with their plastic lightsabers or they're walking the streets in horrified Munch-like zombie states.
Like Harrison Ford right now, I'm cautiously optimistic about the possibilities of a new "Star Wars"trilogy starting from 2015, although I am wondering if that funny postcard above is more truth than fantasy (you can see a much better image at Flickr...just type in "Disney Lucasfilm". For one thing, George Lucas will no longer get anywhere near the set lest he wants to face the wrath of Donald Duck. For another, after suffering through the prequel trilogy last decade, it couldn't get any worse. I just remember coming out of the Shinjuku theatre after catching the first midnight showing of "The Phantom Menace"in July 1999, and anxiously checking with my comrades, "That was good, right? I could enjoy it....yes....really...really?" I took the weekend off for a round of deep rationalization, only to be assaulted by "Attack of the Clones"when I finally admitted that the franchise was in big trouble.
Not sure what a future trilogy will be like. Will it follow the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn or will it go into a completely new direction? No idea....but all I hope for is a good story and script. No more Ewoks, no more Jar Jar Binks, and no more "Yippee"-yelling future Dark Lords. Perhaps if the Mouse House can actually salvage "Star Wars", maybe they can start on "The Old Republic"or even re-boot the ridiculous prequels.

In any case, May The Force Be With All of Us.