Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wow, Toronto Actually Wins a Championship!

Sunday November 25, 11:13 p.m.

A month early, but Toronto got an early Xmas present in the form of a sports championship. Been a while but the Argonauts won The Grey Cup less than an hour ago. I think a lacrosse team won a league championship a few years ago but amongst the big four sports of NHL, CFL, NBA and MLB, it's been a good long while.

I was a bit worried at the beginning of the game when it seemed like QB Ricky Ray looked a bit like his early season self. However, things started rolling along very nicely as the game approached the end of the first half. And his hanging Chads were in fine form(no snickering please). Right now, the downtown streets of Toronto are flooded with an atypical sight: ferociously celebratory fans. I haven't seen anything like that since the Canadian Olympic Hockey Teams won Gold Medals in Salt Lake City a decade ago, and I haven't experienced that kinda fun since the Jays won the World Series at Skydome 2 decades ago.

Let us enjoy the next week or so. And the victory parade is on for Tuesday.

courtesy of easy1994
from Flickr