Saturday, November 10, 2012


courtesy of LaVisita Communication
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Saturday November 10, 2:41 p.m.

Had that dinner with Sam and Ed last night. But I decided to hitch a ride with Dad a few hours earlier, so he kindly dropped me off at St. Clair Station. However, although that November gloom was out there, since it was not raining, I decided to take that long walk down Yonge St. instead all the way to Dundas. Yonge St. is never boring as one passes through the patrician uptown area and then into the still-slightly grotty downtown between Bloor and Dundas. Took a look inside the new Silver Snail....definitely a lot smaller and much more centered around the comics more than anything else. After that, it was a long browse in the neighbourhing HMV.

Met up with Sam and Ed at about 5 last night. The sun had already gone below the horizon by that point. Ed brought up the idea of catching "Skyfall", the latest James Bond outing. I'd expected that I would watch it sometime in the next week, but heck since he was offering. Beforehand, the three of us grabbed dinner at a burrito joint on Queen West on the way to the Scotiabank Theatre. Good burrito and Dr. Pepper for $10.93....despite the rapid-fire requests from the cooks, I could give my order without stumbling. We also passed by CP24 HQ where I caught intrepid reporter George Lagogianes talking into his cellphone. He always reminds me of FBI agent Booth on "Bones".

"Skyfall" had its premiere here in Toronto yesterday. Considering that Ed got tickets for general non-reserved seating, I thought that it was gonna be a mad rush for seats, but strangely enough, we could get some decent chairs not too far away from the screen. As for the movie itself, it was a solid 3rd outing for Daniel Craig. I think just like his 007, "Skyfall" was great, different, a bit flawed and complete by the end. I'm not gonna give anything away especially since it has just started its first run, but I'm still wondering if it's as good as "Casino Royale". And I think Javier Bardem's Raoul Silva could've made a better henchman than the chief villain. Although I believe that Craig is signed on for a total of five movies, I think this movie seals up a trilogy that one could say showed how the initially very rough-hewn blunt end of the stick became the world's most famous movie spy. Everything's now in place for the next two outings. And if I may say, it's nice to see Ralph Fiennes in the role that he was given. Very different from his time in the "Harry Potter" series...obviously.

Getting home wasn't too bad for a Friday night on the TTC. I'd been expecting a packed subway with a bunch of drunken rowdies and a long wait for the bus. Instead, it was surprisingly very empty on the subway, especially from Bloor northwards, and I got my bus within 5 minutes of getting to the station. Mind you, someone did end up showing us his dinner, mid-chyme state. It was obvious that much alcohol was involved according to the slightly sweet smell of his stuff.