Monday, November 12, 2012

To Crosley or not to Crosley?

Monday November 12, 2:22 p.m.

One of those really balmy days....after breaking the record yesterday for Remembrance Day highs (18 degrees C), we're still doing pretty nicely at about 16 today. But true to Toronto form, we'll be plummeting down to -1 degree tonight. Gonna be feeling for those commuters coming home late tonight as their metabolisms get royally screwed.

Now, as for the fractured title above, I've been rather interested in a certain portable record player for some time now. And with Xmas coming back soon, I have been thinking of plunking down some hard-earned cash on it. It's called the Crosley 6002A Revolution, and it's been out for almost a couple of years. I've been to the Crosley website with all of the specs. It's portable, can play the old 33" and 45" discs, and even has a USB hookup for both Windows and Mac. That last feature got my attention quickly since I still have my old dance remixes and Japanese records that I haven't been able to play for well over a decade. Would love to convert them onto digital.

I looked through the Net for some reviews but I had to actually check YouTube to find them; this, of course, was far better since I could see the Revolution in action. So far, I've listened to some fairly positive reviews. It is even more portable than I thought, and even with the caveats from one reviewer that the device should only be used for testing out discs before purchase, the sound is pretty good. Besides, my only intention with the Crosley would be to convert the discs over to my computer where they can find a new home on a Flash drive. At about $150, that's not too much to ask for.