Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weird Space

Saturday November 24, 4:35 p.m.

Pretty quiet start to the weekend. The weather people got it wrong for my neck of the woods, at least, in that it's been sunny here and there hasn't been a single flake of snow. However, there is that snap of cold in the air that we haven't felt during the past week. Perhaps the sign is here that we're finally heading into Winter.

It's supposed to be Grey Cup Weekend, but again, I get the feeling that this is more of a downtown Toronto phenomenon. Not feeling much excitement here in the relative boonies. And there haven't been any more Alex Anthopolous blockbuster surprises for the Jays, so perhaps, we may be in withdrawal right now. But what's making me feel this existential null void is that there is no hockey. Just realized it right now, but we haven't had "Hockey Night In Canada"in well over a month, and with now the All-Star Game on the scrap heap, it looks like this will be another in the series of "The Year Without An NHL". Heck even Don Cherry is now being forced to put out newspaper articles of his diatribes. I guess showing up on brokerage commercials only gets so much satisfaction.

Mind you, I've got Mr. Moriya for his Skype lesson tonight. It'll be 3 weeks since I've seen him.

Supposedly, in the last few days, NASA and its Curiosity Rover on Mars may have found something big but are keeping mum about it. Some of the Scully Skeptics are grumbling that it's all ado about nothing but you never know. Maybe they found a beer can.