Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sports-A-Chatter in Toronto

Tuesday November 20, 12:14 p.m.

I guess it's been a banner week for Toronto sports fans. Although the one team that should be on everyone's minds at this time of year is out of commission due to the NHL strike (the running gag is that at least the Leafs have not lost any games this Fall), the Argos are headed for the Grey Cup this Sunday right in their hometown, and the sad-sack Blue Jays of 2012 seem to be regenerating into the playoff-contending Blue Jays of 2013. I say "seem" since despite all of the rabid jibber-jabber amongst fans, players and pundits during the past 7 days, we won't know whether any of these acquisitions will actually work out until well into the season. We're basically running on good wishes and educated speculation on past stats.

Of course, Alex Anthopolous is keeping that city-wide polylogue alive by introducing the new old manager of the Jays: John Gibbons. I was in Japan for all of the first decade of the 21st century so I have no idea who this guy is. My parents do, and they've immediately turned thumbs-down on him. All I know is that at his press conference, he showed a sly sense of humour and that he's been described as a hard-nosed manager. We shall see.

courtesy of hoganphoto
from Flickr