Thursday, November 1, 2012

Been a Week

Thursday November 1, 8:44 a.m.

Man, I've been feeling downright domestic this week with me subbing for that teacher. It's been everyday up at the crack of dawn to head on down to the school and teach three full lessons before heading back. And all throughout, there has been that meteorological arc of the remnants of Hurricane Sandy....gloom and rain. I've met some truly nice folk and some pretty fickle ones as well. And the week's work, which will be finishing tomorrow morning, has gotten me to make a fairly big decision. To be honest, I decided to finish things this afternoon. With the afternoon classes coming to a close today, I decided to treat my entire final class to drinks at Starbucks....they've suffered enough. And tomorrow, with the final morning class, I'll be showing "The Dark Knight" as a treat.

It was a major miracle that I could get through the day today since I was out last night with my Vancouver cousins and my family for a scrumptious Chinese dinner out in Scarberia. They came over to our place after dinner for coffee and cake which meant that I didn't even get to start planning for today's lessons until close to midnight. And my ISP was breaking down, so I had to get a lot of the stuff done at the school in the hour before this morning's first lesson. Plus, the copier on my floor was out of order for 2 days which meant a lot of going up and down stairs to get the needed copies done. Twenty years ago, I would've jumped out the window.

But I feel practically giddy now that I've passed the gauntlet. Even if one of the staffers comes up to me tomorrow and asks if I would like to work next week, I'll politely decline. The way teachers bring the supply guys up to speed varies wildly. This week's guy basically threw me out on a fairly shaky limb.