Sunday, June 17, 2012

BBQ Saturday

Sunday May 17, 11:08 a.m.

I guess it's that time of year....a time of old friends and grilling meat. Went over to The Dancer's house yesterday for good ol' fashioned BBQ. My parents used to do them way back when in one of the many parks in the Don Valley, right next to the Parkway, but I guess the tradition, along with them, has been retired.

Her husband wasn't too sure on the calculations so we may have ended up devouring half-pound burgers. Not that any of us complained. Plus, his young son was able to put it all away so they couldn't have been all that heavy. The Entrepreneur and his young family also came by, so it was about as family as a get-together as it could get. As usual, for a bunch of us in our 40s, we did a lot of reminiscing and catching up on stuff. The Dancer's husband and I are big ramen fans so we've decided to find some day to try out Toronto's latest and perhaps greatest ramen shop, Kinton on Baldwin St.

The Dancer and her family live in the Yonge-Lawrence Village area. It's kinda like a very large smalltown main street area....quite a different look and feel for this section of The World's Longest Street compared to the somewhat seedier downtown section. Would love to live there but like anywhere in Toronto these days, I'd have to give up an arm, a leg and several organs just to get a look-in.

It was a nice afternoon get-together but I had to get on home since I had Mr. Moriya, my biweekly Skype student from Japan.

It's Father's Day, so the parentals and I had breakfast at the Golden Arches. I hadn't had a Sausage McMuffin in nearly 6 months, but my old pal still slid down easily. I had been planning to meet up with The Anime King, but decided to put it off til next Sunday since perhaps Mom might be making something special for dinner, and it wouldn't look too good if I'd decide "abandon"Dad on this day.

Speaking of my fellow foodie, The King reminded me that the second big Ribfest of the season will be getting underway during the Canada Day weekend. I may invite my old student, The Siberian, to join us. Summerlicious is not too far away either.