Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zen Restaurant

Sunday June 10, 11:23 p.m.

Getting hot out there. Looking at a 35-degree Humidex today. Nice to stay at home in relatively cooler surroundings.

Looks like Canada is feeling pretty sad sportswise. Our hope for a Canadian Triple Crown winner was dashed rather suddenly when the horse I'll Have Another was retired to stud due to tendonitis, thus destroying any chance of getting into The Belmont Stakes after winning The Kentucky Derby and The Preakness. And of course The Blue Jays managed to lose again in Atlanta...rather makes those commercials of them look pretty ridiculous. At this point, I'd say that the team shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a playoff spot. Finally, our only potential saviour for team sports in this city, The Toronto Marlies got swept in the American Hockey League's Calder Cup; just seems like the team had the plug pulled on them after they had gotten through the semi-finals. If there were a god looking over our city, her name would be Lucy Van Pelt and she would have a very big football.

Anyways, our family went out last night to Zen, that Japanese restaurant in the heart of Scarberia. Not too cool with its location in the middle of a dingy strip mall but since we were in and out of there before the sun went down, we were OK. Just read their blurb on their website taking a potshot at ersatz Japanese eateries which just go for profit instead of any Japanese authenticity; they make a good point but they also put a big target on themselves by stating that at least Zen knows about the basics of Japanese culture.

Well, an arrow got shot and hit a bulls-ear last night when the waitress had forgotten to bring the o-shibori (hot towels) for us, which would be something akin to a capital crime in Japan. When they were finally brought over, they were indeed toasty hot but in the words of my niece, they smelled "yucky"....time to change the detergent? Still, the food was good and plentiful. I certainly got a lot of tempura on my plate: four shrimp and a good heaping of deep-fried veggies. Wouldn't get quite that much in an equivalent tempura place in Tokyo.