Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quiet Week....except in Little Italy

Thursday June 28, 8:25 p.m.

I've only had to teach the one day on Monday, subbing for a pretty amiable teacher. The classes were all good except for a couple of potential troublemakers although I think I was able to calm both of them down to a certain extent. Since then, it's been back to a monastic existence at home. I got word from that president of the translation company. He told me that I did indeed pass but there were a few issues with my test. Not particularly surprised by that assessment; hopefully, the problems were minor enough so that I can get some sort of assignment. I'm pretty sure that I won't be getting any classes until after the Canada Day holiday since tomorrow is the last day before the weekend begins and Friday only has morning classes.

In the meantime, the parentals and I got ourselves a new LG air conditioner for the condo since heat and the elderly don't mix well. We took the drive down to the nearest Home Depot and grabbed that sucker. Just in time, too, since we'll be looking at a scorching Canada Day weekend.

Meanwhile, Little Italy here in Toronto is probably having the 2nd-largest party it'll have this year, since Team Italy beat Germany at the Euro Cup earlier this afternoon. I can only imagine what it'll be like if they beat Spain on Sunday. Downtown Toronto will definitely be a no-go zone on Canada Day because of the potential traffic snarls due to any win by either side, and because of the Gay Pride parade. But The Anime Court should be able to bypass all that since the big Ribfest is taking place at Centennial Park near 427 and Eglinton, and my brother's BBQ thing will be at his place in Richmond Hill.

Kinda thinking about heading downtown tomorrow to pick up some bagels from the St. Lawrence Market again. But I'm also thinking about Summerhill Market near its eponymous subway station on the Yonge Line. Actually, I received an anonymous comment from someone concerning an earlier entry about my love for meat pies. I did some digging and found out about Summerhill Market at Summerhill and Mt. Pleasant which seems to be the place for good ol' homemade meat pies. It will be a scorcher tomorrow but I just want to enjoy some solo time without having to hear my parents bicker.