Friday, June 15, 2012

Downtown Part 1

Nice day to be walking in Old Toronto
Friday June 15, 7:40 p.m.

Back on Monday night, I got that call from my old friend, Egg, asking if we could get together for dinner. Never one to turn down a dinner invitation, we set it up for Wednesday night. And so, based on that, I decided to expand things by heading downtown earlier in the morning to St. Lawrence Market. I went for the Montreal bagels but of course stayed for the Chicken Parmagiana Sandwich with Hot Peppers. I have to say that the weather cooperated magnificently.

Just one tiny example of foodie goodness at the Market:
Chicken Parmagiana Sandwich
There's the lovely creature to the right of me here. Bought this at the Carousel Bakery with a Coke inside the St. Lawrence Market for a total of $8.35...nope, not the most inexpensive lunch but even in my current austerity mode, I can splurge once in a while for some good eating. I'm gonna have to widen my foodie horizons a bit more next time. There was a good-looking place in the basement which served some hearty all-day breakfasts, and back up on the ground floor, there was a fish n' chip place as well. I did get my dozen bagels for $5.50....not bad at all.

Believe it or not, this isn't a video game.

I then tried to walk off the calories. Took a dip into Brookfield Place (formerly BCE Place) just west of The Hockey Hall of Fame. The food court in the basement has been bustling as of late because of Euro 2012. Dozens of folks have been noshing and viewing the games on screens. I'm not a huge soccer fan...except when the World Cup is on...and apparently now Euro 2012. I think this was the Denmark-Portugal game. Even in the esoteric confines of this building, people were pretty whooped up when Portugal got its first goal.

Nah, don't see Justin or Katy...wait
a minute, The Village People?!
Continued the walk through downtown. I went onto Queen West and passed by the CP24 complex. The construction guys were working like gangbusters getting that stage set up for Sunday's MuchMusic Video Awards. Of course, being Wednesday, it was way too early to make any celeb sightings.

My old friend...
Of course, being in Queen West means that I have to drop by The Silver Snail, my old university haunt. I think when "The Big Bang Theory"first brought in its comic book store, the producers must have had The Snail in mind. Mind you, the real thing has more character (and characters). It's too bad that it will be moving soon, though.