Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Flying Wallenda

courtesy of Partridge Road
from Flickr
Tuesday June 12, 8:17 p.m.

Well, I guess all that is needed now is for Nik Wallenda to get on that highwire. The logistical hurdles have apparently been all overcome. It's just stringing that wire across Niagara Falls and hoping that the weather will hold up. It's looking good on that latter point: nothing but sun for the next several days, but knowing weather in this part of the country, anything can happen.

Nik's been ticked though since the sponsoring major American network, ABC, has insisted that he wear a harness, something that he's never done. And as a professional highwire walker, this must be akin to the first NHL players being forced to wear helmets. But I can understand the network's position, too. Imagine having to watch the star of your show falling to his death on live TV and the angry aftermath. And as has been made clear, the Wallendas are not infallible. Can't take the chance. However, the promotion has been going full speed ahead. I saw Nik on "The View" this morning and he assisted one of the hosts go across a rope some 18 inches above the floor.

The big show is set for 9 p.m. on Friday. Not sure if Japan has gotten much wind about this, but it will be happening at 10 a.m. Saturday JST so it would be an ideal time for the folks there to catch it. My students, though, weren't too aware of Nik which kinda short-circuited my warmup. Should be must-see TV. Euro 2012 during the day and Nik at night.

The one funny observation about Nik Wallenda is that he kinda looks like a fitter, nicer Mayor Rob Ford.