Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Foodie Day

Classic Breakfast at Eggsmart

Strawberry/Azuki Bean/Custard Shake at Lambie
Wednesday February 22, 1:50 p.m.

Monday was officially Family Day in Ontario and other selected provinces in the country; the first time I've ever come across this holiday. We have something similar in Japan called Marine Day in late July. In either case, it's a chance to get those extra hours of sleep.
But as for me, it was Foodie Day. The Anime King, who's also a fellow foodie, and I went out for a day of noshing in the northern parts of the GTA. Our first stop was at Eggsmart near Kennedy and the 401, where we had the Classic Breakfast of sausages, potatoes, eggs and toast. If there is something that a foodie metropolis like Tokyo really needs, it's an all-day breakfast place. We also had the added benefit of having half a dozen cops noshing away at their brunches in the restaurant, so even in Scarborough, I think we were in the safest eatery in the city for that time.
There was an afternoon stop at a Second Cup. By that time, the Anime Bishop had joined us for coffee. And then dinner came around. We went to Saigon Star up at around Highway 7 in Richmond Hill. Their specialty is Curry Crab, and that's what we got: one big crab slathered in special curry sauce. I'm usually not a crab fan since I'm just too lazy to use the nutcrackers to crack open the shell, but I made an exception for this one since the mixture of crab juice and curry made for quite an exquisite culinary experience.
Curry Crab, a specialty at Saigon City

Then, we finally got our fourth member, the Anime Rook, after dinner when we all got together at Lambies, a Hong Kong-style cafe in the same area of Richmond Hill. My drink was an Iced Honey Tea...not the most exciting drink to take a photo of although it was good to have, especially after loading up on all that crab, but I did take a picture of The Anime Bishop's choice, a typically Asian milkshake of strawberry, azuki beans and custard. I wouldn't see this in Japan, but it would sound just at home in Vietnam.

I didn't spend too much for the entire day. About $50 for everything. However, my intake of calories probably went through the roof.

Did find out the inevitable truth about The Anime Chamberlain. He's basically persona non grata now from the court. Not too surprised...the King said that the exiled noble was frankly sounding too condescending for his liking anymore.