Wednesday, February 1, 2012

They're all here!

Wednesday February 1, 4:01 p.m.

Already into the 2nd month, I see. At this rate, I should reach retirement age by the end of the week.

Nippon Express came and delivered all the goods....12 packages...without any fuss or muss and with all possible speed. Incredibly, they were all done within 10 minutes. Our movers were both Japanese and bilingual, and it almost felt like I was back in Ichikawa. And strangely enough, the boxes got into the apartment without taking too much space. They're still unopened until I figure out how I'm gonna arrange all these CDs, DVDs and books.

Meanwhile, it looks like Japan is getting our weather in spades. Even for a typical northern Japan winter, the guys up in places like Aomori and Iwate Prefectures are just getting hammered with snow. The news is even hitting CNN and our local CP 24. So far, 52 people have died from falling off of roofs while trying to clear snow by themselves...three-quarters of whom were elderly.