Friday, February 17, 2012

My First Paycheck

Friday February 17, 8:32 p.m.

Well, about a week after doing my 3 days at the school, I actually got a receipt telling me how much I'd earned for my time there. It was actually somewhat more than I'd expected, and I'm glad that they're doing direct deposit. Considering how quickly it got to me, I'm not quite sure if they're just kissing me off. Well, we'll just have to see if there are any further SOS calls.

I've also gotten started on doing my final tax return for Japan. Since I started my freelance English-teaching business several years ago, I've been very diligent in recording any sort of income and expense for deduction purposes. And I brought the ledger back with me, so it was time-consuming but not difficult. I found out because of the drop in revenue due to the effects of the quake last year, I will definitely not be paying nearly as much tax as I did last year. Not to say that I paid a whole lot, but the amount will be smaller.

Actually doing the paperwork for the tax return isn't all that difficult at all, and just about every salaried employee in a company in Japan will never have to put pen to paper or even touch a key when it comes to taxes. The accounting department does all the heavy lifting.