Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Uh....A Little Help, Guys?

Tuesday February 28, 10:37 p.m.

Man, that old localized joke of Toronto being the only city where the Leafs fall in Spring is coming back, like acid reflux, to haunt me and just about everybody in T.O. and everybody in the ACC dressing room.

It's becoming a disturbing trend in which the game begins on TV, I switch the channel for just a few minutes and then when I switch back, it's already 1-0 for the other team. And the Maple Leafs lose the game. 9 losses in 10 games! Still, you gotta feel something for the oft-acerbic Ron Wilson; it was his 1,400th game as an NHL coach and ends up hearing his name being screamed by an angry Leaf Nation next to the word "FIRE". Haven't heard that in decades.

The commentators are wondering aloud about the same thing although they wouldn't use the F word. The interviewed players sounded absolutely shellshocked, just dumbly repeating the same phrases of just plugging away until the goals go in. And most tellingly, Wilson himself seemed almost funereal in the post-game news conference; no energy or fire, even when one reporter dared to bring up the "Fire Wilson"chant.

Tis a sad night for ice hockey in Toronto...even for the Maple Leafs.