Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School and Out of Work

Wednesday August 15, 3:57 p.m.

Well, just a few hours after getting that bank form to hand into the hands of the payroll officer of my school, I got the call from the supervisor there to sub for a teacher on Friday morning. When I called him up, I got his machine. Just from his voice, I knew exactly who he was. He's one of the more interesting characters in the school; I've seen him from time to time rumbling around like a mix between Danny DeVito and Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown. Kinda wonder what his students must be like after a full first week with him. In any case, I've got my 'in' to get that form into Payroll. I was asked about Monday morning as well, but I've got my doctor's appointment on that day.

Back at the BBQ at CG's place on Sunday, CG regaled all of us about what a horrible idiot his boss was at his latest job. It was a venting situation at Force 5. Well, The Entrepreneur and I know a little about his situation so we kinda calmed him down. The Entrepreneur gave him some professional advice. And so, today, CG contacted all of us to say that he told the boss to take that job and shove it. From the way he was telling it, CG's boss was Rob Ford and Oscar Madison smashed together. I gave him my good wishes although I wonder what he's gonna do with a full family and a big mortgage to handle.