Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quiet Weekend

Jamie Bamber
Monday August 27, 1:45 a.m.

Well, I took a look at my analytics and discovered that there was someone looking for Jamie Bamber at the FanExpo, so I've decided to be nice and uploaded a fuzzy photo of him. He's definitely gone a lot more Californian in his hairstyle.

I've had my first totally at-home weekend in a few weeks. No one was calling me up to go out, and there were no Anime King trips this weekend. Next weekend should be a whole different animal, though, since it will be the Labour Day Weekend, and there is that mass migration to the Burlington Ribfest.

It was a good thing that nothing was going on this time around since I've been given my first massive translation assignment. Nothing but tax returns from Japanese to English. My due date isn't for several days, but the assignment editor told me that the client may want some partial uploads of completed stuff within the next few days. It's pretty arduous though. The big boss will be returning from vacation tomorrow so he may be contacting me about what my decision is about accepting that big hunk of translation software. Luckily, my brother has secured a new laptop for me so it's just a matter of waiting one more week.

I think I've also been lucky in that I haven't been contacted by the school for the last number of days. Again, I'm not particularly sure what the higher-ups there think of me since I have declined as many teaching assignments as I have accepted them. But as I've hinted, although the students are nice enough folks, I've never particularly settled in there all that comfortably.