Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Wild About Harry

Atypically clothed today.
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from Flickr
Thursday August 23, 10:18 a.m.

I guess Prince Harry can be considered to be the Charlie Sheen of the British Royal Family, although I'm not sure how Prince William would react to being tagged as Emilio Estevez, and Prince Charles is definitely no Martin Sheen. In any case, in the same way that the folks on "Family Guy"like to say, "Oh, that Quagmire!", the United Kingdom is probably saying the same thing about the little prince (or big....depending on if you were able to see those photos unpixillated).

But I gotta say that even when Harry loses (not just his clothing), he wins. I mean, Strip Billiards with a pair of willing women?! The only problem is that the adage "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" apparently no longer applies with the advent of cellphone cameras. I guess being a member of an insular family means that he may not have been aware of the leaps in communication technology (yes, I'm being the finest subtle British tradition). And as for his position in the Family: "Me? I'm just third in line to the Throne....whatever..".

Most likely, his commanding officer will tear a few strips off of him...which may not even compare to his dressing down by the Queen. But later on, Prince Charles and Prince William will take him aside to Balmoral, and ask him the vital question: "How was it....REALLY?"

Mind you, I was actually witness to a strip game a couple of decades ago. Two of my friends, a man and a woman, at a New Years' Eve party decided to have a drunken Rock-Paper-Scissors game, strip-style. Unfortunately, the wrong gender lost everything.