Thursday, August 23, 2012

Walking Around Front and Lakeshore

Thursday August 23, 9:42 a.m.

Well, after getting the initial report from the doc about being if that was actually a revelation (I actually had to convince myself the bathroom mirror was a real one and not the circus one), I decided to make an effort to move around yesterday. So, I killed two birds with one stone and headed down to the St. Lawrence Market to pick up some St. Urbain bagels
Of course, losing weight being my new mission, the first thing I did was make a beeline toward The Carousel Bakery and buy a Chicken Parmigiana sandwich with Coke. Curse my counter-intuitiveness! At $6.20 for the sandwich, I think it is well worth the money. There is heart that goes into this meal: the hot or sweet peppers and the zestfully crusty bread. I could even eat the sandwich without the chicken!

"Thank yuh, thank yuh verra much!"
Now, as for that second bird I killed with my rock, I decided to do a 2-hour walk all around the Lakeshore area. When I went out of St. Lawrence Market, I noticed that some of those buskers were already showing their wares, even though Buskerfest isn't officially open until noon today. There were the usual people on stilts, jugglers and acrobats, but there was also Silver Elvis, getting set up beside his red-and-white convertible.
It's gonna be a great weekend down on Front St. Buskerfest to the east, and FanExpo to the west.

Yup, I can imagine this place as the venue
for a sci-fi convention.
Well, there was even a small sparrow I blew up with another pebble. Since I will be going to the annual Fan Expo (for the first time) with The Dancer and her family tomorrow, I also opted to check out where and how to get to the South Building of the Convention Centre where the Expo will be held. I took the long way over by going through the North Building and going up escalators to the skyway linking the two buildings together. Most likely, though, I will be taking Simcoe Street down when I get there tomorrow. Not sure what I'll be expecting when I attend it a little more than 24 hours from now. Being a geek fest, I may need to be aware of a lack of personal hygiene.

I continued my walk in earnest by going all the way down to the Lakeshore and heading west toward Exhibition Place. Man, has this area all along the waterfront (Lake Ontario) metamorphosized over the past 20 years! Nothing but condos everywhere. It looks like one of the dreamscape scenes from "Inception". When I was a kid, the area was just nothing but an industrial wasteland with smelly sugar mills. I saw one on my walk...I guess as a memento of what was.

I finally made it as far as The Princess Gates, the entrance way for The Canadian National Exhibition. I may head there sometime next week. I hadn't been there in well over a decade, and frankly at my age, nostalgia can be established as a glandular secretion now. I hear that the theme food this year is bacon; not just of the Canadian kind, but all kinds...and in all kinds of food, including those of the dessert variety. Not sure if I'm quite that adventurous anymore.

Perhaps, I was a bit too ambitious with my 2 hours. By the time I returned to Front Street, I was in serious need of hydration and my left hip was starting to bother me. I dropped in on a Timmy's and glugged down an Iced Latte before heading back home. I'll just aim for 90 minutes next time....which I will attain tomorrow as I make my way thought a FanExpo.