Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend and Olympics

Friday August 3, 10:44 p.m.

Went down to that meeting on Thursday at the school. A mere 5 minutes. One teacher remarked that was probably the shortest meeting on record. Am I still getting paid my $22? During that rather quick deposit of information, I heard that quite a lot of regular teachers will be taking off for various lengths of time, so I may be getting quite a bit of work but I've yet to hear anything from my minders. Still, I was happy to get that free butterscotch donut from Timmies.

Today was a stay-at-home. Got my hair cut in less than 10 minutes. And there was a lot of Olympic viewing. I have to say that with 3 different channels showing coverage of different events, Canada definitely has one leg up on Japanese coverage. At the halfway point, Canada is doing relatively OK in the medal count at 12th place. No Golds as of yet, but we've gotten a smattering of Silvers and Bronzes, including one in Judo. And Japan is doing even better in 5th a few Golds. The big thing is the Women's, really. Canada defeated Great Britain on their home soil to get into the semi-finals, while Japan did the same thing against Brazil. We may be looking at an interesting final. And ironically, the Japan-Canada prelim game was the first event to be televised for the Games.

We've got a long Simcoe Day weekend. Nothing big tomorrow but on Sunday, it'll be another round of anime and food with The Anime King. There was some thought about even heading over to the Scarborough Ribfest on the same day, but The Anime Bishop stated that there was a good chance of thunderstorms, so it looks like that may be held off for the holiday Monday. Not a bad thing since I'm not sure if even I would be able to handle spareribs and a good dose of dumplings within 6 hours.

And Caribana is starting up tonight and throughout the weekend. It'll be pretty crazy downtown so I'm glad that I won't be going anywhere near the area. Hopefully, the craziness will just be limited to the legal fun variety.