Saturday, August 4, 2012

Doing Good, Canada!

Saturday August 4, 11:25 p.m.

Canada didn't do much yesterday at the London Games, but boy, did they make up for that today. 1 Bronze, 1 Silver...and finally our first Gold...thanks to Women's Trampoline. How must Rosie MacClennan feel right now....instant sports heroine.

It was another scorcher in the GTA....Humidex of 42 degrees or so. Luckily, I stayed inside for the entire day, but I've got a fan blowing in my room right now. I don't think things will change all that much for the weekend.

The folks at Caribana must have been sweating up a storm of perspiration all day downtown. There is a similar if far smaller event in Tokyo called the Samba Festival. It's always held in the traditional quarter of Asakusa, strangely enough, during August. Not surprisingly, a lot of men of all ages take tons of pictures of the scantily-clad women as they traipse down the streets. Still, I'm pretty sure that those dancers aren't nearly as bold as a lot of the Caribana folks.