Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Sunday October 28, 10:13 p.m.

Hurricane Sandy is on its way, or perhaps to be more accurate, remnants of it are gonna be striking us over the next few days. The forecast has been somewhat confusing although I'm sure the weather folks are enjoying the excitement of it; Sandy has been doing a little of the yo-yo between tropical storm and hurricane, and then apparently it's gonna be merging with another storm to become a superstorm although the folks in Toronto say that pieces of it will be slamming into us. In any case, we're gonna get a season's worth of rain within a few days.

And just as luck would have it, I have a week's worth of teaching to do at the school. So, I'm hoping beyond hope that the TTC will be able to hold itself together. Noone's sure how intense this storm is gonna get, and I'm wondering if the school may actually cancel a day or two in response. I was doing a lot of prep work just for tomorrow's classes....a bit of a blind shot since the teacher I'm subbing gave me the bare bones about what to do. It'll be an interesting week.

And to further add to the mix, I've got a cousin and her husband coming to visit us, and they're arriving on Tuesday, one of the storm days. I haven't seen my cousin in over a decade, plus, I haven't seen her husband in about 30. We plan to have dinner with them on Halloween; there may be some respite from the storm of the year on that night.