Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Turbulence, Then Peace at Last

Thursday October 10, 11:09 p.m.

I had to go through a few more pangs of potential angina with that translation from Hell. First, I get a message this morning from the boss stating that there was NO translation with the package I'd sent him the night before. Man, I was not in a good state. Then, he sent me an all-clear when he told me that the editor was able to see the translation on his computer. He figured that it may have been a technical miscue...could've been a medical one for me. I had to pound the words for another few hours before I finally got it done after noon. And once I did, I sent it and I got the rosy message from the boss that everything was if none of that sturm und drang had ever happened. Not sure if I like that attitude but I'll take it over having a vengeful employer.

As it was, I got another assignment from him a few hours ago. Compared to my first translation nightmare, this one was a breeze. It's all done but I won't send it off until tomorrow morning. I've also informed him that I'm off on Friday since I've gotta buy my niece's birthday present and get a haircut. I was thinking of that Monsieur place down at Spadina and Bloor since it's gotten mostly good reviews (and the bad ones may just be fake sabotage) and it's gotten seen on a commercial for CP24. At $25 plus tip, it probably isn't the cheapest but it's nowhere near the regular 5,000-yen cuts I used to get in Japan. And I've had the cheapest....and it's no good. I may even try Kinton.