Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Teppanyaki and Anime

Tuesday October 23, 10:55 p.m.

Dinner tonight was teppanyaki. We don't have it all that much anymore since it is rather rich in beef and oil, but once in a while, we like to overindulge. I was half-joking that we were taking a risk if the main ingredient had come from XL Foods (for those who haven't been watching Canadian news, this is an Alberta-based company which recently had to recall literally tons of beef because of the scare of E Coli). As it turned out, no problems. But the digestive pattern I'm starting to pick up on whenever I have teppanyaki is that my stomach starts a bit of a rumba when all that beef and veggie hit the hydrochloric acid. Nothing to send me to the toilet....immediately. In any case, I was still happy to have had one of my favourite dishes.

Kinda feels a bit weird on the TV tonight. Now that the San Francisco Giants have won the National League pennant and there is no football until later in the week, there were no big-league North American sports going on at all. Usually, there would be some NHL games going on that the sports channels would be showing, but we all know where professional ice hockey has gone, don't we? Just soccer on the ol' telly.

The Blue Jays have seen John Farrell take off for Boston for good. Nice guy perhaps but no manager....at least not yet. Basically his 2-year stint here was probably more of a rough-and-tumble internship with the Jays and the rest of Toronto paying for it. Now, we all wait for the next shoe to drop and see who decides to take on the job next. Should be fun. I kinda feel like one of the villagers in "The Magnificent Seven" hoping to see a Yul Brynner or Steve McQueen ride into town.

I think I know when an anime has reached a certain level of success here and abroad when even little 10-second pieces of it get featured and liked on YouTube. The latest one seems to be the one I've been enjoying myself, "Joshiraku", the just-wrapped anime featuring 5 zany rakugo girls. One very enterprising fellow with obviously a lot of time on his hands even successfully had one of the girls, the ever-blue Kukuru Anrakutei, do a Julie Andrews imitation.