Monday, October 1, 2012

Finished the Stint

Monday October 1, 7:28 p.m.

Well, woke one more time at the stroke of dawn to teach another full day downtown. And that was it. I've done my duty for that teacher. The morning class was a bit arduous but I had already known that back on Thursday, but at least the afternoon class stayed true to form and was quite nice. I preferred that way than vice versa. I give back her classes and get some added sleep. Teaching does tend to steal quite a lot of energy, so I've already gotten a nap in the armchair after dinner....just like an old fogie, I am now.

Supposed to be meeting Shard tomorrow for that boot handoff. Just not sure when he's planning to give me those snow boots. Hopefully, it'll be around noon so I can take him to the nearby Pizza Hut for lunch. Although I won't be making any income, I will appreciate the day off.

October has indeed come in but we're getting some unseasonably warmer weather. Nothing like the summer, thank the heavens, but pretty comfortable out there. However, once the Thanksgiving Day weekend comes by, the temps will be plummeting.