Saturday, October 6, 2012

James Bond at 50

courtesy of pollplace
from Flickr
Saturday October 6, 8:38 pm

The 50th anniversary of the James Bond movies has arrived, and not surprisingly, one of the movie networks was showing the first two movies with the latest 007, Daniel Craig. I enjoyed "Casino Royale" immensely (despite the theme song), and the debut of the really tough Craig did much to redeem the title from the 1967 weirdness. I wasn't as enamored with "Quantum of Solace" but after seeing the whole thing again today, things may be looking a bit more up to me. Initially, perhaps I hadn't liked it as much because it just seemed a little less exciting than the first movie. But now, I think the first sequel may be more along the lines of Sean Connery's 2nd outing as Bond, "From Russia With Love", which I actually do like. The second movie is more focused on the internal dynamics within Bond and within his relationship with people (especially with M). Unfortunately, outside of his boss, people who did get to know him tended to end up dead in "Quantum".

My favourite of the whole bunch of those select actors was indeed Sir Sean. The saying goes that people tend to choose their Bond from the one they grew up with. Well, I think it is more accurate to say that I chose my Bond from the one I saw on TV. Roger Moore was the one I grew up with but it wasn't until his very final outing in "View to a Kill"that I actually saw a 007 flick at the theatre. I was weaned on Connery from watching a lot of ABC Sunday Night Movies via his appearances in "Dr. No" and "Thunderball".

I will be catching "Skyfall" when it comes out. But first I've got to catch "Looper" and "Dredd", the latter more because I got the request from Movie Buddy back in Japan.