Monday, October 15, 2012

No Withdrawal Symptoms

Monday October 15, 8:03 p.m.

Supposedly, there should've been the first "Hockey Night in Canada" broadcast of the season last Saturday. But of course, two groups of rich people are breaking fans' hearts right now. There was even an article in the Toronto Star talking about the psychological effects of losing hockey in Canada. I don't know about that....I've yet to see any Leafs fans looking like addicts drying out while watching a Marlies game. As for me, 17 years in Japan pretty much weaned me off the sport. Saturday nights were often used for meeting friends in Tokyo or watching variety shows. Plus, getting back to Toronto and seeing a truly horrid Leafs season and a playoff season with diminishing returns haven't exactly gotten me craving for the NHL.

Having said that, there is that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing Ron and Don on a Saturday night in the cold Autumn and Winter. I barely remember watching Ward Cornell and Dick Irvin Jr. and Foster Hewitt on the old black-&-white when I was a toddler....the thought of HNIC is seared into my brain and soul. Being back in the Great White North, it would be nice to see televised hockey again but I'm not gonna be crying into my pillow until the strike is over.