Friday, October 19, 2012

Transitioning on many levels

Friday October 19, 2:44 p.m.

Been a couple of quiet days. I had a bit of translation work...nothing big, just a couple of articles, and didn't need to use. I was given a heads-up from the boss about a potential Trados assignment next week, though, so I can start practicing my hyperventilation on Sunday night.

Fall is starting to get to its titular stage. The leaves are falling off the trees in large numbers due to some of the showers and wind we've had. Still, I think there's still a good chance to enjoy the Colours before the trees go totally bare. One of the big weather forecasters down south are expecting a cold snowy Winter for us other words, a normal one unlike the very cold Spring that greeted us instead of Winter last year.

Major League Baseball has taken another step forward in concluding its year by having the New York Yankees swept out of Detroit, 4 games to nothing. Unlike here in Toronto, I think the fans in The Big Apple eat professional sports underachievers. Certain players with the name of Alex may want to consider wearing battle armour when getting home. There was a small vested interest from Japan since Ichiro Suzuki was in the pinstripes, but even with all of his hits, it wasn't nearly enough to make a dent in the Tigers juggernaut. As for ice hockey, well, that brief glimmer of hope burnt into ash quickly yesterday when both sides walked away from the negotiating table muttering and sputtering. Those fans going through major withdrawal during November and December may get some solace from the street hockey-playing kids outside the house.

Finished up "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" yesterday. Since the original broadcast had the episodes shown in disorder, the final episode on the USB was actually shown in the middle of the original run, and it looked so. Just the gang doing some mundane stuff in "Someday in the Rain"; in fact, there was one endless scene which looked like security-cam footage of Yuki Nagato reading quietly in the SOS Brigade's room. Just a few more episodes before I finish up with "Joshiraku". The Anime King tells me that there are some more winners in the new crop of anime; I'm sure I'll see some of those on Sunday when I make my biweekly meeting with him.