Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Quiet is Deafening

Wednesday October 3, 2:01 p.m.

It's my second straight day of blissful relaxation from work. No calls down to the school and no frantic e-mails from the translation boss. I'm sure that will change by the end of the week. Usually, the school staff call me on Thursday or Friday, and the translation boss did say that he wanted to have a powwow either tonight or tomorrow night. Well, I'm not crazy about going out with only a few hours' notice so it'll have to be Thursday night.

I did get a nice e-mail from the teacher for whom I subbed stating that she would like to have me back sometime in the next couple of months since she'll be away again in November and December.

Despite my enjoyment of relaxation, I don't think I can really take a 3rd consecutive day sitting at home, so I will probably head on out tomorrow for a downtown walk or head over to St. Lawrence Market to get my bag of bagels for me and the parents. I may even decide to bring home some samples of that lovely Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich from The Carousel Bakery.

Well, The Blue Jays (Boo Jays, Blooper Jays?) end one of their worst seasons (19 years without a post-season appearance?! Shameful!) tonight. I read a diatribe by one of the Star's reporters, and I'm sure the front office will be getting together for a commiseration session. The disgruntled fans at Skydome (still refuse to refer to it as The Rogers Centre) would probably yell "Go Leafs Go!"as a rebuke, but that horrible team and the rest of the NHL aren't going anywhere anytime soon.