Friday, October 19, 2012

Subway explosion

Friday October 19, 7:41 p.m.

I heard a couple of hours ago that there had been some sort of explosion on the Tokyo Metro. It was on the Marunouchi (Red) Line at Hongo-Sanchome Station at around midnight. I was never on that line at that time of night but considering it was Friday, it was probably still quite crowded with commuters coming home from a night carousing at the bars or karaoke. Luckily, if one can call it that, it was an accident involving a chemical reaction between some cleanser and the aluminium can that it had been in; a young lady had the can in her bag. She and about 14-15 others got some slight burns but nothing more major than that. When I first heard the news, my mind immediately brought up images of the sarin attack by Aum Shinrikyo back in 1995.

A few hours after the explosion on the Tokyo Metro, there was some sort of knifing spree at JR Fukuoka Station. Some 26-year-old psycho had stabbed about 5 men before he was subdued. Several years ago, there was a rash of these stabbing sprees done by troubled men who had thought the world and their lives meaningless. Luckily, the wounds at Fukuoka were all relatively minor.

Just goes to show that Japan may be safer than most countries but there's no such thing as total safety.