Sunday, January 29, 2012

6 Weeks

Sunday January 29, 11:45 p.m.

Coming to the end of another weekend. My brother's family came over for dinner, and so I could play with my niece once more. She's not into the Flag Game anymore...she's gone slightly conventional with Hide N' Seek. At the same time, my sister-in-law gave me some more tips on  possible job openings via an organization called Costi and York Region...that latter choice is a bit removed from me. Strangely enough, one of my friends at last night's potluck also sent me the same web address for York Region via Facebook.

My mother went on full culinary power tonight. Sashimi, teriyaki chicken and felt like a New Year's dinner...just without the osechi stuff. We briefly discussed about where we could take Dad for his birthday dinner in a couple of weeks. Nothing committed...I suggested Chako, that yakiniku place The Anime King had introduced me to a few weeks ago. There was also The Keg but for some reason, they don't take reservations on the weekends.

Anyways, as of tonight, it's been 6 weeks since I made my exodus back to Toronto. No job although Mark suggested that his wife's school may be calling me up in the next couple of weeks since I'm on the sub list. Still, I got those references and covering letter printouts from my brother, and he'll give me some estimates on inexpensive printers for home use.