Friday, January 20, 2012

To Each His/Her Own

Friday January 20, 4:17 p.m.

I was just going through the YELP site which has reviews of Toronto restaurants. I'd actually been looking for the name of that dim sum restaurant that all of us will be descending on as one huge mob on Sunday (for some reason, noone will give the name). Found it as Dim Sum King. And the address turns out to be that building on the south side of Dundas, between Spadina and Huron, where I and my old university buddies headed for dim sum back in the old days. That 3rd floor has seen a lot of Chinese restaurants come and go over the decades...I think one owner ended up getting executed by a mobster some years ago.

Well, it's Dim Sum King now. And the reviews are unsurprisingly all over the place with some praising it while others are burying it. Checked it out with a couple of the Japanese ramen places such as Kenzo and Ajisen. Again, admirers and detractors. Just goes to show that probably a majority of the places will simply have good and bad days and have customers of varying tastes. It's really all up to us.