Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Buffet, Another Anime

courtesy of mypapercraft at Flickr
Friday January 27, 10:59 a.m.

I've got another dinner outing with The Anime King tonight and his buddy, The Anime Bishop. It's a buffet place called Jerusalem up on Leslie. There are apparently two locations but the Leslie branch apparently has belly dancing...performers, not customers. But we are going just for the good food...if you knew us, you would know that that is indeed true. Had a bit of a close call, though, on the phone when The Anime Chamberlain called up some minutes ago. Apparently, he is NOT aware about tonight and was calling me about a meet-up tonight with him and another friend. Over the past couple of get-togethers, I've noticed a rift starting to form between The King and The Chamberlain; the latter can be rather argumentative and obnoxious while the former has some strong feelings underneath his placid exterior. In any case, I had to use some verbal dexterity.

Speaking about anime, it's ironic, but I actually find out more about the leading Japanese pop cultural export here in Toronto more than I ever did in Japan. Anime is still seen more as a subculture to be obsessively dissected by otaku in the originating country. My friend, The Anime King, has been more than happy to inform me over the years about some of the cutting-edge stuff coming out. The last time we met, he showed me a few episodes of one such anime called "Mawaru PenguinDrum". It is definitely not cut out of the same fuzzy cloth as "Pokemon". From what I can relate about it, it's about a family of two brothers and a possessed sister who are contacted by three mute but sentient penguins which are probably not from Antarctica. Supposedly, I'm gonna get a downloaded file of the next several episodes from The King tonight.