Monday, January 23, 2012

Dim Sum

 Monday January 23, 10:59 p.m.

Had that big dim sum powwow in downtown Chinatown yesterday morning. I was rather surprised that the area on Dundas was pretty sparse considering this was Chinese New Year weekend. Still, we managed to get our 20 people to show up. And by the time we left, the restaurant was full.
 I hadn't been in the downtown Chinatown in several years since most of my friends prefer having dim sum in the suburban Chinatowns where the food is supposedly better and the parking is free. The largest ethnic community in Toronto is indeed Chinese so T.O. has got about 5 Chinatowns at least. I think even Vancouver would have a hard time topping that.
  A few tastefully arranged dim sum dainties on my plate. I had no problems with the fare there. It was all good for me. They even brought out the chicken feet as well, but I will spare you the appearance of those.
 But the nice thing about yesterday's big outing was seeing a lot of old faces that I hadn't seen in almost 15 years. We had still been connected to university, but now, a few of them were bringing their kids and spouses along for the ride. As with reunions, there was much discussed about what we all used to do and who with.
I was never much for reunions. The one I went to for University of Toronto years ago wasn't a whole lot of fun which soured me on the whole notion of reunions. But I was glad I made it down to  yesterday's gig. I think the key is who attends.