Monday, January 16, 2012

The Mad--Always Nice to Come Home To

 Monday January 16, 10:34 p.m.

Talking about Winterlicious last entry has gotten me wanting to talk about one of my old faves in restaurants: The Madison Ave. Pub on its namesake street near Spadina and Bloor.

This is a place that I've visited since the late 80s when I was a student at U of T. Even during my decade and a half in Japan; whenever I visited Toronto over the Holidays, I would always come here with Shard for a basket of BBQ Wings, fries and gravy. Nope, not exactly the healthiest of fare but what pub's food is? Then again, the basket does come with veggie sticks.

Since Shard and I come over around noon, the place is virtually empty; I think the last time I came here when it was filled with folks, Reagan was still the US President. Not that I mind too much, though. It's nice to talk face-to-face without having to shout while enjoying good ol' pub fare...especially wings and fries.

Because of my long patronage, I did find out about the next door boutique hotel owned by the same people. In fact, a few years ago, one of my veteran groups of students stayed at the Madison Ave. Hotel during their tour of Toronto a few years ago. I've already been there once since coming back this time, and I think that'll continue as a fine culinary pattern for the rest of this year and beyond.