Saturday, January 28, 2012


Rice Pudding

Round 1
Saturday January 28, 10:48 a.m.

Would've loved a bigger flash here
As it turned out, it was just The Anime King and I who headed out to the Leslie Ave. branch of Jerusalem last night. The Anime Bishop pulled out at the last minute. The place did not disappoint. Not exactly cheap at $23 a head, but it wasn't difficult to get totally stuffed. As I remembered from my buffet master, pacing is key to the whole enterprise here.

This was definitely an omnivore's paradise. Lots of meat on display such as roast beef and variations on chicken but to counter them, there was also a sizable salad bar. Plenty of breads as well, including a really zesty number with all sorts of spices and herbs baked in. Of course, there was a dessert table that The King and I visited several minutes after our last bite of the main courses. As I said, pacing is key here. The tiny baklava was wonderfully flaky and sweet but not cloyingly so. But the winner for me was the rice pudding with raisins.

Still, despite my master's mantra in my head, my girth was threatening to smash our table into my eating partner. And of course, the inevitable buildup of methane made me feel like one of those honey ants in the southwestern United States. Didn't see any sign of belly dancers, though. Mind you, leaving the place I think my belly was doing the meringue all the way to the King's house.