Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Switching Climates

Flickr -- Matthew Lamb
Tuesday January 24, 8:42 p.m.

Toronto is gonna end up with the 2nd-driest January in recent memory with perhaps 7 cm of the white stuff falling...unless we get walloped with a couple of snowstorms between now and the 31st. Not that we're complaining too much here...Xmas has passed, so there isn't that driving need to get a Winter Wonderland anymore.

Meanwhile, a lot of Japan, including Tokyo, has been getting clobbered with snow over the past several days. The Kanto region had a major snowfall (though it would actually be called a regular snow day here) with even the capital getting 5 cm. Although Tokyo used to get snow regularly in the past, during my 17 years there, it was more of a meteorologically pleasant rarity...something to behold for 24 hours before things normalized and the whole thing melted completely away....Japanese service indeed. But it seems for 2012, past is prologue. NHK, and I assume the commercial networks, is showing plenty of city scenes of commuters slip-slidin' away on the black ice...almost on a pornographic level. I can imagine someone setting up a secret fetish website specializing in slippage videos.