Friday, September 28, 2012

Comfort Friday

Friday September 28, 8:52 p.m.

Unlike the brooding I was doing last night commiserating about yesterday's teaching performance, things went a little better today although my general feelings about teaching haven't really abated. At least, I was happily done at noon today. In fact, it's been my first day without either teaching or translation duties....and will continue to be so for this weekend.

I was hoping to grab a hot dog from the stand outside the school, but for some reason, it wasn't there, so I just got some paperwork done before I walked over a few blocks to that Chinese restaurant, Yueh Tung, that Sam had introduced me to back in August. Even after 1 p.m., the place was bustling like crazy. I did manage to get a corner table by the windows, and ordered my now-regular Manchurian Chicken on Rice. I'm sure a lot of the Chinese food purists would blanch at the name, but heck if it's good food, why knock it? The service was brisk but not unfriendly. It was obvious that the staff were looking out for the customers. The fact that I saw a number of regulars coming down and chatting a bit with the older waiters meant something to me.

I love my MCOR, but from my first two times with the dish, I had felt that something was missing from it. So I just added a bit of soy sauce, and things were fine with the world. At $6.99, not a bad way for lunch. And easy when tipping, too. I just hand over a $10 bill to the cashier (she kinda reminded me of Penny from "The Big Bang Theory"....but no need to worry about me getting my age, she's now just niece/daughter status to me) and skip the change.

It was nice getting a bit few zzz's on the subway although it was another interminable wait at Eglinton for the 34 bus yet again. But got back home and a few hours later, the parentals got back with a bag from The Golden Arches. From a weekly habit of noshing on Big Mac sets back in Tokyo to once every 6 months here in Toronto, it's ironic that I'm having to get my weight down right now.

Shard was supposed to drop on by tonight to give me some damn fine snow boots, but had to cancel at the last moment. He was quite apologetic, but unnecessarily so. I just suggested Tuesday as the next window of opportunity. Plus, I figure we can try the nearby Pizza Hut for a nice lunch.

The weather is quite comfortable now in The Big Smoke. Autumn has certainly arrived.