Friday, September 28, 2012

Tako Sushi

Friday September 28, 8:35 p.m.

Forgot to mention that the last part of Anime-and-Foodie Sunday was heading out to Tako Sushi. I've been to my fair share of Japanese restaurants here in Toronto since my return: Zen, Kenzo, Don Don, etc.

However, it's been some years on either side of the Pacific since I've had teppanyaki at a restaurant. Twice a year, my family does it at home but my mother obviously doesn't do the knife acrobatics that are customarily shown at a Benihana.

The Anime King and I were seated at the end of one grill. The King said that he always went there for the teppanyaki....has never tried the sushi despite the name. Apparently, the lunch grill special is less than $10, so say no more.

The head waiter was polite if not all that friendly, but our chef at the grill was an amiable sort. Since it was dinner, we couldn't quite make it under $10 but at $12.95, this was my most inexpensive teppanyaki experience that I've ever had. The fellow wasn't too flashy with his cutlery, but then again I didn't come for the show. I wanted my sirloin.

I think the meat was fine although the folks there probably threw in a lot of the veg so that the whole meal would look a lot more substantial just in case the beef seemed a bit sparse. No problems there. I got my fiber just fine. The chef also made up some fried rice for us, but though it had the garlic flavour, it was somewhat lacking in the salt department. But with miso soup, salad and ice cream thrown in, that $12.95 price tag was quite generous.

The outer structure of Tako Sushi was also interesting in that the building reminded me of family restaurants in suburban Tokyo. There was an upper level with the ground area underneath used as a garage.