Saturday, September 29, 2012

What the FAX?

Saturday September 29, 12:22 p.m.

Had a bit of a mystery when I got home yesterday and saw no less than 6 messages on the machine of which 5 were from the same number. One number I checked on the Net was 905-323-3900 which turned out to be some sort of spammyish enterprise. There was the usual give-and-take in the comments section with folks complaining about it while a few supposed folks who "work for the company"in question were defending themselves.

The other five were straight from the same number as I said. And all of them were made within a period of 40 minutes and left the same message of high-pitched fax wheezing. And my family has never owned a fax machine. It turned out that the number belongs to the X-Ray/Ultrasound clinic I had gone to a few days ago. For a couple of paranoid minutes, I thought the folks there were trying to tell me that I was in the late stages of a terminal disease. But of course, hearing the fax noises for each message that came within an average of 8 minutes of each other hinted strongly at more of a technological and communications breakdown. Plus, by law, clinic technicians are forbidden to give any diagnoses to patients, so I figured some receptionist dropped the ball. In any case, the clinic is closed so I left a message stating the problem. Annoying as hell, though.